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We would like to work with, hire like-minded people who wish to continue the journey of learning they began in beauty school. Education is the light that illuminates our journey of success. The more competent you become, the more confidence you have to lead your guests to an awe inspiring look that in turn makes it easy for you to grow and develop a guest list who makes work FUN! If you love your work, you will never work another day in your life.

– Scott Stuart


I’m very happy working at Metropolis for so many reasons. It attracts a diverse group of clientele which creates a good flow. We take pride in our continuing to
learn and advance our skills. And it’s such a comfortable atmosphere I feel very grateful for my job.

The people we service are great. They may have had a bad day or aren’t feeling well and we have the opportunity to help them relax and feel beautiful.
The guests make it all worthwhile!

Metropolis is my family. Everyone genuinely wants each guest to feel at home here. We want their experience to be fabulous! We want each guest to feel
beautiful when they leave.

There are many aspects that make Metropolis a great place to work. Two of my absolute favorites are the PROseminars education and the other is the
people. I enjoy every person who I work with and I am so thankful for all the incredible guests I work with – many of them since the summer of 1984.

Knowing the right cut for yourself can be daunting. By working with a professional stylist from The Metropolis you will discover what will work best for you and give you the confidence you need to face the world.
Our clients guests are raving about the relaxing and energizing experience they get from our exclusive Shiatsu Massage. By request, we have created an expanded selection of Shiatsu therapies for you:
Proper care for your nails is essential for the long term health of your hands and feet. Come in and relax with our professional nail care as our expert transforms your nails. All nail services are by hand file only. No electronic files are used. We offer a wide range of OPI and Essie nail color options.
Our pedicures are an escape from time itself. From the relaxing foot massage to the application of color. You will be walking on air. Treat yourself to manicures, pedicures and more!
- SCOTT | Owner
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