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What Is The Value Of ‘Quality Continuing Education’ To A Salon, Its Salon Artists And Its Guests?

Today’s education (quality continuing education) is the light that illuminates tomorrow’s success! -Scott Stuart.



I can only speak for myself, however, it seems to me there are 3 major challenges that every salon artist faces daily. We know that hair, as fashion, is constantly changing. What is trendy today is gone tomorrow.

Quality education allows us to see tomorrow’s looks today so we can stay ahead of our industry. Staying current is only part of the challenge we face. Creating beautiful hair is never the issue. Managing my guest’s expectation while being able to provide my own artistic satisfaction has always been my greatest challenge. Quality and continuing education provides the skill and desire for me to help mentor my guests so I have the energy to guide them to ‘their own look’ that is both flattering to them and manageable on a daily basis. To me that is success, a win for them and a win for me.

Education is what provides my vision, gives me the tools and the energy to successfully manage guest expectation. In the absence of quality continuing education the salon artist quickly becomes the salon stylist. The person who has run out of fuel. Their career is no longer an amazing journey where they have an opportunity for satisfaction with every guest they work with.

When your vehicle is about to run out of fuel, what do you do? I have learned that for myself and the incredible team members I work it is just better to fill up than to run out of gas.

~ Scott Stuart.

PROseminars is the solution that Metropolis Hair Fashions provides not only for our team but for the Knoxville community of salon artisans. Since 1994 (salon opened in 1993) Metropolis Hair Fashions has hosted more than 50 major educational events that have included some of the world’s most awarded and talented guest educators from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.


PROseminars is the ideal learning opportunity, a program presented by hairdressers to benefit hairdressers. There is only one goal, “To provide the very best education, for a small audience, at an affordable price.”

When are the classes?

Spring and Fall

Where will the classes be held?

Right here in Knoxville in a “private study” at Metropolis Hair Fashions, 6513 Kingston Pike on Bearden Hill.

What kind of classes will be presented?

Classes will cover the entire spectrum of our everyday work – cuts, color, and business building and more.

How many stylists may attend?

Because of the costs of quality education we will need a minimum of 25 hairdressers to enable PROseminars to be a success. In order to maintain quality, the class size will be limited to 35 persons. Seating is limited and will be available on a first come first serve basis.

How much will it cost?

Prices will be set at the beginning of the year and will be determined by the educator’s fees. A fraction of what it would cost to travel to these cities to attend this caliber of education.

Who do I contact to join or find education?

Contact Scott Stuart 865.584.3033