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Salon Today Interview: Scott Stuart Metropolis Hair Fashions by Team Metropolis
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March Madness began early for TEAM Metropolis in February when we received the call from Salon Today’s
Editor in Chief, Stacey Soble, informing us that our essay had swept all the votes cast by the 4 judges. The winning essay was in answer to the question, ‘Why does your salon deserve to win the Salon Today, $30,000 Total Salon Makeover Contest?’

Below is Salon Today’s Interview of Scott Stuart of Metropolis Hair Fashions, about the winning essay.

Q: Why did you enter the Salon Today Total Makeover competition?
My Keune representative said she wanted me to enter the ST Total Makeover competition. Thinking about entering, why would you not ? You have nothing to lose and something to gain. Additionally, I felt like I had a valuable story to share as I am getting close to the end of a career that has been a fabulous journey with all the credit given to quality & continuing education. Now is the season for me to give back to the guests who have supported myself and my family my whole career. I want to invest these last few years; focusing on educating the newer Metropolis’ stylists and having them shadow so my clientele will have a well trained team to take care of their hair needs. If we can accomplish the vision as it is laid out in the essay we will have created a model that may benefit other salons and stylists.

Q: What’s prevented you to growing to the next level in business?
Sometimes we are NOT always at liberty to share all, however what I can say is, we find ourselves set in a pattern which becomes so familiar it is challenging to find a way out & move on! So may I say that moving forward I will be responding to my own instincts and those brilliant colleagues whom I have come to know and love so we may mentor and guide the new Metropolis forward in way that we never have.

Q: How do you think winning this competition will help you achieve growth?
One amazing piece of being involved in this experience is the way the essay has served as the beacon to keep us on the path. There have been challenges along the way but I found that I could read the essay again and get back on track. As we began to share the vision with the team I soon realized that it was only the seasoned team members who were terrified. The newer younger team are so excited they can not wait for the plan to be fully realized. I believe the best part is the way it will serve to unify the Metropolis staff into a single unit called TEAM. The young team members will be able to showcase and share their birthright technical skills, while the established stylists/colorists will mentor the the newer stylists to become salon professionals.

Q: How did you feel when I called you and told you the news?
OVER the MOON, WOW !! Crazy and all the emotion which makes your heart beat FAST!!. I am so happy for Knoxville to be recognized even though there may have been contestants from New York and Los Angeles.
I think every person who entered probably dreams about what it would be like to win. For those who entered I can tell you that it is so rich to have your vision recognized as the 1. It truly is an incredibly emotional experience.

Q: What did your team/clients feel (if you’ve told them) about winning this competition? They are all THRILLED & jumping OVER the MOON with me.If you read the story, you know it really is all about them and for them…the team and the guests. Without them there is no story !!!

~Team Metropolis

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