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The Winning Essay For The Salon Today $30,000 Total Salon Makeover Contest by Team Metropolis
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The winning essay was in answer to the question, ‘Why does your salon deserve to win the Salon Today, $30,000 Total Salon Makeover Contest?

SALON TODAY essay entry by Scott Stuart

Our plan for the Metropolis new business model, one that will empower our stylists, reduce our bottom line expenses and launch us into the next salon era involves the hybridization of three winning elements; technology, education and outstanding customer service. Our vision is to tear down the receptionist desk, at least in the traditional sense, to boldly depart from the salon of yesterday to create a streamlined & hybridized ‘salon of tomorrow’ in which every participating person, salon guests and employees, will become the bene?ciary of this innovative new business practice. It is for these reasons that we believe  our story deserves winning this makeover.

Metropolis Hair Fashions opened its doors late in October 1993. One of the achievements we are the most proud of is our educational program. This program has brought some of the world’s most talented hairdressers/educators into our 42 seat classroom where we always invite our friendly competitors to share in the learning. During our 25 year tenure, we have hosted more than 60 major educational events, that have included Sam Villa (3X), Nicholas French, Chris Baran (3X), Gareth Palmer, Eric Fisher, Susie McGill, and Sonya & Christopher Dove just to name a few. Education will continue as the foundational rock for our business model.

In our re-envisioned business model, we propose the simple marriage of education and technology in order to take our business to the next level. We plan to use STX salon software at the core of our salon metamorphosis. We will provide iPhones as part of the employee business package. The STX business app will unify the iPhones to respond to our business phone number, while allowing  employees to retain their current personal cell phone number for their private use.

We will use iPhones and iPads to bring the young stylist front and center where they may shadow and learn from the senior stylists and colorists. From that vantage point the young stylist will provide customer centric services including;  pre-booking, retail sales and chair side checkout. From a bottom line standpoint, placing technology in the hands of the stylist instead of a stationary receptionist will dramatically decrease the salon’s overhead and empower the stylist themselves as business owners. This two pronged union of education and concierge’s service will greatly empower & accelerate the young stylist’s ability to grow his/her business, while offering near effortless guest services.

The STX software will allow for the expansion of customer and business services. We look forward to the salon guests being able to use the extensive capabilities of the program and growing with the extensive needs of customer services, maintaining a competitive scheduling and paying system. From a business standpoint the savings in both time and costs will be signi?cant to the bottom line. Metropolis will also utilize the STX software for payroll, setting commission parameters, tracking inventory, technician goal setting, giving support to business needs in order to grow both the business and individuals.

The second major growth potential will come in the clean sweep from a smorgasbord of salon product ranges to a few salon dedicated brands. The bene?t will come in increased product knowledge for our team, leading to greater retail sales and guest satisfaction, while simultaneously increasing invaluable educational rewards as we become realigned with fewer product manufacturers.

Keune is one of our current product lines. We will be positioning Keune as our premium product line as well as one of our educational sources. We have been making plans with our local Keune reps to work together in 2019, offering the classroom at Metropolis as a location for Keune to host their cluster classes. Subscribing to our core belief, ‘That today’s education is the light that illuminates tomorrow’s success.’ we see this collaboration with Keune as a win/win for all attending Knoxville salons/stylists.

It will be great FUN, working with Minerva, we will be able to make great use of these bene?ts. One idea is to reduce the footprint of our Texas size front desk, replacing it with the smaller and mobile reception desk called ‘Etowah’ or a similar model. We want to get their recommendation to replace our pedicure station with one of their Continuum Pedicure pipeless pedicure chairs. We are con?dent Minerva will helpful in contributing to Team Metropolis’ future success.

“Mr. Gorbechev, Tear down that wall.” is what then president Reagan, announced to the world June 12, 1987.

Our plan may not change the world in the way Ronald Reagan did in the late 1980’s. Our vision is  to tear down our receptionist desk and the model of yesterday that it represents,  to step boldly into the salon of tomorrow.  If we were to win  Salon Today’s “Total Salon Makeover” Contest, we plan to put these awards to use so as to create a ‘model of technology, education and outstanding customer service’ that may be shared with our industry so others may bene?t.

~Team Metropolis

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